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Hot melt adhesive is still a very individual product. Different adhesive materials, different construction methods, and different application environments of the final product will lead to different hot melt adhesives.

Due to the late start of hot melt adhesives in China and the fact that it is an environmentally friendly product with easy operation and high efficiency, more and more industries are beginning to use hot melt adhesives. Therefore, many customers reported that they told their requirements to hot melt adhesive manufacturers, but many sales staff were not professional, or their research and development capabilities were not good. The recommended hot melt adhesive products were never in place. The problem. And their customers are urging them to ship immediately, but the hot melt adhesive is not in place, does not meet the customer's requirements, and can not ship the goods, so the light ones compensate the customers for some losses, and the serious ones are taken away by other peers. .

In particular, there are many specifications for hot melt adhesives, and there are many systems, including polyamide, polypropylene, and TPR. Each system has its own characteristics. Hot melt adhesive is by no means a universal adhesive. Only by understanding customer needs and shortening the product matching time can it be Win opportunities for customers.

In this high-paced era, time is opportunity and time is money. Therefore, professionals need to do not choose expensive, only choose the most suitable, and can do it in one step.